22 high ropes courses
at heights of 2 to 20 meters
floating elephants and bicycles
a 375-meter zip line
adventures in the treetops
for ages between 3 and 99!
When you
arrive here,
first borrow
equipment ...
... we provide
a 20-minute
instruction ...
... then you get
2 hours of free play among the trees!
We also rent canoes...
...there's a beautiful beach area...
...campfire spot (for grilling)...
...outhouse (can be useful) ...
...hiking and biking trails...
...and berries in the forest!

Summer (current season)

June 11 - Aug 14
Open 10:00 am - 5:00 pm every

day, and
some evenings

(see the booking calendar).

Fall (current season)

Aug 15 - Oct 31
Bookable times on weekends.

Customized bookings for

groups of at least 10 people.

Winter (current season)

Nov 1 - March 31
Only customized

bookings for groups

of at least 10 people.

Spring (current season)

April 1 - June 10
Bookable times on weekends.

Customized bookings for

groups of at least 10 people.

17 years +

400 SEK

10–16 years

300 SEK

3–9 years

accompanied by
paying adult

200 SEK

to full day

(per person)

100 SEK

If you are more than 10, you can book
a time outside the available slots in the calendar.
Email us and book!
We sell gift cards, where the recipient
can book the time!

Directions to
Sörsjöns Äventyrspark
(opens in Google Maps)

Old timey directions ...
... but we recommend
Google Maps!
Arrive on time - otherwise, you'll have to wait...
...wear comfortable clothes and shoes that cover your toes...
...it's nice to bring swimwear and snacks...
...and to avoid getting stuck, leave jewelry at home and tie up your hair!
Do you offer any other activities?
Yes, we, who run Sörsjöns Äventyrspark, are called Äventyrsupplevelser, and we also organize other activity packages such as team building, pentathlon, wilderness adventures, climbing, and paddling, among others! Read more about these packages here.

What are the cancellation policies?
Cancellation or changes in the number of spots can be made up to 7 days before the booked date. Places that are canceled later will not be refunded. Rescheduling to a new date can be done up to 3 days before the booked activity. Read all our rules and conditions.

Is the zipline across the lake included in the price for climbing?
Yes, the long zipline is included in the price. To ride it, you need to weigh at least 35 kg, otherwise, you won't reach the other side.

Is there a weight limit?
Our safety equipment and brakes have a maximum weight limit of 130 kg. If you want to ride the long zipline across the lake, you need to weigh at least 35 kg to reach the other side.

How tall do I have to be to climb?
We don't have a height limit, but children under 10 years old must climb together with a paying adult.

Can I bring my dog?
Dogs on leashes are welcome!

How early do I need to arrive before my scheduled time?
Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your booked time for check-in and information. The instruction starts at the time you have booked, so if you arrive late, you will have to wait for the next session (usually 30 minutes later). If it's fully booked, the start times after yours may be fully booked as well.

Can I climb if I'm pregnant?
To avoid any risks, we advise against climbing if you are pregnant.

Do you have lockers for valuables?
We have simple lockers that you are welcome to borrow a padlock for, but it's best to leave valuables at home.

Where are you located?
Just north of Norrköping. If you want to find us, it's easiest to use Google Maps directions to us. When you reach Sörsjöns Camping, continue to the large parking lot and walk about 100 meters past the bathing area to the right of the lake.

What happens in case of bad weather?
In case of thunder nearby, we pause the climbing. Otherwise, most weather conditions are manageable with the right clothing!

Are there restrooms available?
Yes, there are portable toilets available!

Do you have a coffee service?
No, unfortunately not, but during the summer, there is a kiosk at the bathing area and at the Sörsjöns Camping 250 meters from us. Feel free to bring your own refreshments!

Can we extend the climbing time?
During the summer period, it's usually possible to extend the climbing time, especially if you let us know when you arrive. During the spring and autumn season, it may also be possible, but it's safest to send an email and ask.

Can we pay by invoice?
Yes, it's possible for companies, schools, and associations. Please email us your invoice information in advance!

How many courses can we climb in 2 hours?
Usually, you can complete between 3-6 courses, depending on the levels you choose.

Do you have multiple facilities, and which one should I go to if so?
Sörsjöns Äventyrspark is our main location, where we have 22 high-level courses and ziplines. We also organize some activities at Glotterns Vildmarkspark, which usually involve team activities for booked groups. Most likely, you should go to Sörsjön. Check the booking conversation if you're unsure, or ask us.

Do we have to climb the same course as a group when we arrive?
After the instruction, you are welcome to spread out and climb as you wish! We will help you find a level that suits you, and we usually recommend starting with the green or yellow courses.

Are there changing rooms available?
Yes, both at the bathing area (about 100 meters away) and a bit further at Sörsjöns Camping.

Do you organize children's birthday parties?
Absolutely! The most common setup is 1.5 hours of climbing among the high-level courses here at Sörsjön Äventyrspark, or climbing wall, zipline, and archery at Glotterns Vildmarkspark. Both options cost 2,000 SEK for up to 10 participants.
If you didn't find the answer to your question, send us an email or call us at +46 (0)11 611 75.