Climb at a height of 2 to 20 meter in our 20 rope courses ...
... ride on flying elephants, bicycle through the skies ...
Climb at a height of 2 to 20 meter in our 20 high rope tracks, ride on flying elephants, bicycle through the skies ...
... or fly over Sörsjön in a 375 meter long zipline ...
...  everyone between 3 and 99 are welcome for an adventure!
... or fly over Sörsjön in a 375 meter long zipline. Everyone between 3 and 99 are welcome for an adventure!
When you
come here
get to borrow
equipment ...
... we do
a 20 min safety
instruction ...
... and then you are free
to climb
and play for 2 hours
in the trees!
We also rent out canoes ...
... it's nice to swim in the lake  ...
... there is a fire pit (for barbequing) ...
... an outhouse (can be useful) ...
... trails for hiking and bicycling ...
... and mushrooms and berries in the woods!

Fall (current season)

17 Aug – 31 Oct
Bookable times during weekends.

bookings for

groups of 10+ people.

Winter (current season)

1 Nov – 31 March
Custom bookings

for groups
of at least

10 people.

Spring (current season)

1 April – 12 June
Bookable times during weekends.

bookings for

groups of 10+ people.

Summer (current season)

13 June – 16 Aug
Open for drop-in every day

 10 – 17 (but best
to book).

Open some evenings!

16 years +

400 SEK

10 – 16 years

300 SEK

up to 9 years

+ accompanying
paying adult

250 SEK

to full day

(only summer)

150 SEK

Find a time that fits you in the calender below.

Read our FAQ section if you have any questions!
If you are more than 10 people you can book a time

outside of those in the calender. Email us to book!

An adventure as a gift?

We sell gift cards, where the person recieving the gift can book the time!
Buy a gift card!
book a time

if you have recieved a gift card.
Come on time – otherwise you will
have to wait ...
... we recommend wearing sturdy
clothes and good shoes when you arrive ...
... it's nice to bring swimming clothes
and a picnic ...
... and in order not to get stuck -
leave jewelry at home and put up your hair!
Do you also have other activities?
Yes, the company behind Sörsjöns Äventyrspark is called Äventyrsupplevelser, and we offer other packages of activities such as teambuilding, pentathlon, bushcrafting, climbing and canoeing etc! You can find out more about these packages here.

Do you accept payment by card?
Yes, we accept both card and cash on site, but it's better to book, to make sure you don't have to wait when you arrive!

Do you have multiple adventure parks and if so which one am I going to?
Sörsjöns Äventyrspark is our main site, where we have 20 rope courses and ziplines. We also arrange other activites at "Glotterns Vildmarkspark", where we normally do teambuilding activities. Probably you are going to Sörsjön. Check your email booking conversation if you are unsure, or ask us.

Where are you located?
Just north of Norrköping. Use Google Maps road description to us if you want to find your way here. When you arrived at Sörsjön's camping – continue to the large parking and walk approximately 100 meter past the bathing place and to the right side of the lake.

Do we have to climb the same course when we come as a group?
After the instruction you can spread out and climb as you wish! We will help you find a level that suits you, often we recommend starting with a green or yellow course.

Are there changing rooms?
Yes, both by the bathing place (around 100 meter from us) and a bit further away at the Sörsjöns Camping.

How much earlier than my booking should I arrive?
It's best to come 10 – 15 minutes before your booked time, to get all the necessary information. The instruction starts at the time you have booked, so if you arrive late you will have to wait until the next round of instructions (usually 30 min later).

What happens if there's bad weather?
If there's thunder in the area we paus the climbing, most other weather work well as long as you've got the right clothes!

Do you have lockers for valuables?
We have simple lockers that you can borrow a padlock for, but it's a good idea to leave valuables at home!

Is there a toilet?
There is an earth closet by the bathing place (around 100 meter from us), and few more at Sörsjöns Camping

Do you sell coffee?
Unfortunately no, but in the summer there is a kiosk by the bathing place, as well as by Sörsjöns Camping 250 meter from us. We recommend bringing your own picnic!

Can we extend the climbing time?
During the summer period it's usually possible to extend the climbing time, especially if you tell as immediately as you arrive. During the spring and fall seasons it might also be possible, but the safest bet is to write us an email and ask.

Can we pay by invoice?
Yes, if you're a business, school or an association. You're welcome to email your invoice details in advance!

How many courses can we climb in 2 hours?
You normally have time for between 3 – 6 courses, depending on what difficulties you choose.

Can we do a children's party with you?
For sure! The most common setup is 90 minutes climbing on the rope courses here at Sörsjöns Äventyrspark, or rock climbing, zipline and bow-shooting at Glotterns Vildmarkspark. Both options cost 2 000 SEK for up to 10 participants.
Did you not find the answer for your question? Write an email or call us at  + 46 (0) 11 611 75.